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Omatoimiretki 7 päivää Saimaannorpan maisemissa
Alkaen 235,00 € / 7 vrk
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Kayaking and Hiking tour for 8 days, 7 nights. 
Explore the Finnish nature and culture heritage – a waterway that travels through thousands of years and showcases the most important nature sights in the region.

Approx. 100-120km alltogether during the week.

Availability:     1.5-15.10.2023
Booking:     beforehand
Duration:     7 days rent of canoe
Location:     Anttola-Puumala-Anttola, Mikkeli Region, Finland 
Languages:     Finnish, English
Equipment:     Rent kayak or canadier 
Group size:     1-20
Level:        Easy, some paddling experience preferred
        Available also the ABC of paddling skills starter course

Price includes
• Canoeing map 1:50000
• Chosen canoe equipment (the pricelist)
• Suggested route for independent canoeing tour on lake Saimaa
• Route goes by the most beautiful parts of lake Saimaa & Unesco Geopark sites
• Experienced guide services and local recommendations by Guide Tiina
• Introduction at the starting day (use of equipment, safety, guidelines when canoieng at lake Saimaa, every man's rights & sustainability)

Additionally, you can rent some camping equipment (tent or hammock, sleeping bag and mattras), eating equipment, food pack - or arrenge these by yourself. For overnights, you can rent accommodation in cottages or saunas for example at Pienniemi, Pistohiekka, Sahanlahti or Koskenselkä. It's your choice if you want to camp with a tent on different destinations or rent a cottage for some nights between.


Good to know
Lake Saimaa is the fourth largest lake in Europe. Saimaa lake area is the Europe’s largest one constituting 14.000 islands and 120 lakes.
The endangered Saimaa Ringed Seal is the very own inhabitant of Lake Saimaa. Mere 310 Saimaa ringed seals exist in the world and only in the Lake Saimaa area.
Besides the Saimaa ringed seal, the most famous sights of Lakes Luonteri and Lietvesi are the archipelago, rare bird population, the Neitvuori hill, the Uimasalo rock paintings, and the Rokansaari sand island.
Mikkeli region is accessible by train and car from Helsinki. Train ride to Mikkeli takes approx. 2h 20 minutes and costs 20-40€ 
(flexible pricing). Also renting a car is often recommended.
Also open canoe safari is possible upon request.

We recommend arriving to Mikkeli by either car or train. 
From Mikkeli, bus and taxi connections to Anttola & Puumala area available.


Day 1: Arrival to Anttola, Mikkeli region
Welcome to Mikkeli region. You are to arrive to the Lake Saimaa region, one of the largest freshwater areas in Europe. You can l accommodate in Hotel Anttolanhovi (extra payment look options) by the Lake Saimaa. Welcome dinner introduction to the equipment and area.
Day 2: Tour preparation and beginning our trip from Anttola harbor (15km)
Second day starts with a good breakfast in Anttolanhovi, from which we continue to the beautiful Anttola Harbor for tour preparations. Equipment is packed to the kayaks and we will begin our journey to the Lake Saimaa nature.
We will navigate towards the pure Lake Luonteri waters, and encounter narrow straits  to the Neitvuori hiking area. Option to book the Nopola B&B. 
Day 3: Conquering Neitvuori and Lake Luonteri archipelago (18km)
After breakfast, we continue towards the famous Neitvuori hill, which is among the highest sightseeing points in South-Savo. After beautiful sceneries and a bit of hiking, our paddling excursion continues across the Luonteri archipelago to Karihiekka beach. In Karihiekka, a camp for accommodation is established.
Day 4: Rugged nature and signs of shamanism: hiking to Uimasalo rock paintings - Pienniemi (16km)
Karihiekka beach is thousands of years old dwelling site. By the Karihiekka beach, several archaeological findings have been found during the recent years. We explore these findings by foot. Our trip continues to the Pienniemi; guide Tiinas centre (heritage estate in the middle of nature). You can stay there camping or reserve a cabin at Pienniemi.
Day 5: Pienniemi - Pistohiekka (10 km).
There are possibilities to reserve a cottage from Pistohiekka resort or stay camping at one of the islands. You can discover the long fine sandy beaches of legendary Pistohiekka area.
Day 6: Pistohiekka - Rokansaari (10 km).
This day we travel from island to island exploring the Puumala archipelago. Did you know that Lake Saimaa area has over 14.000 different islands? Rokansaari is accessible only by boat or kayak, and consists of several paths, cottages and camp sites. We enjoy sauna in Rokansaari lagoon sandy established. Camping at Rokansaari.
Day 6: Day trip from Rokansaari to Veskansa villages (16km)
We continue using Rokansaari as our base camp. As day arises, we start exploring the Rokansaari by padding the lakes and lagoons inside the island. From Rokansaari we continue to the nearby islands and explore their history by visiting the Liehtalanniemi museum area, the Temola Wine Farm, and the Island Restaurant Niinipuu. Accommodation in Rokansaari.
Day 7: From Rokansaari to Puumala (15km)
As last day begins, we pack our camp and continue by paddling to the Puumala centre. We can end our journey at the centre of Puumala or Sahanlahti Resort. Experiences are shared for the last time in dinner at a local restaurant. Accommodation in Puumala or Sahanlahti can be reserved by your choice (availability varies during the summer).
Day 8: Departing for home

Please ask, there can be altered versions of the programme by your wish.


Waterways of Saimaa Traditional islanders            
Numerous islands and straits of Saimaa lake
the moving ice very long ago did make. 
Even now when  looking at a quiet beach,
drinking water is within your hand's reach. 
With a really great stroke of luck 
you'll see a resting seal on a rock.  
your spirit guide Tiina


I am Guide Tiina, from Anttola, Saimaa Lakeland. In my lifetime my home district has become more than familiar to me. That is why you can always count on my professional skills and ability to arrange trips that are both safe and rich in experiences. You can choose from a variety of programmes, which can all be tailored to suit your individual wishes.